...hectic as buggery-bop...

Thursday, August 18

hooray for being almost healed! it will be good to stop coughing myself to sleep and not blow blood out my nose. flee devil, you have no place here!

it's strange to come back after yet another seemingly long pause from blogging. there are many things to share, but i dont think i should, so my apologies. i think i'm turning rather secretive about my life. not that i'm hiding things, just that i'm not disclosing much info about my whereabouts and goings-on.
i love this tension - over the last few days i've found a balance that i've not yet known. it's rather exciting. life is like poetry for me at the moment. God is doing stuff that i've never experienced.

but i've found an interesting parallel - i have really bazaar/embarrassing/eyebrow-raising dreams during these times of spiritual growth. very peculiar...

i love going to my college! and then i hate it. but i'm learning so much and having a super time! but then i growl at the early mornings and cringe at my lack of discipline and sigh at my busyness and mope at my lonesomeness. but God satisfies my soul and fills my empty spaces and teaching me how to rejoice in the blessing i have been given in abundance.

something i've also come to an acceptance of is that noone else actually realises the difficulties that other people face. nobody truly wants to delve into the daily chores of another person. everyone's too busy being concerned about their own issues. the other day i had a deja vu when i was wondering if other people prayed for me. i remember a few years ago thinking that when i'm really busy and don't have time to pray, God tells other people to pray for my circumstances. it was funny to remember that naive mindset i had, and especially wondered if i still thought in a similar way. i hope not. how self-centred i've always been! so now i am challenged/convicted to pray alot more for others.

God is so funny! i love Him!

Tuesday, August 2

yes, maybe i have gone a whole day without chocolate. i did have some milo at dinner, but that doesn't count. all day i've been craving chocky and my empty 'chocolate spot' has been growling. i havent gone without chocolate for a very long time. this is a very distressing day indeed...
i wonder about the so-called 'chocolate spot' that those of the female population seem to have. i would like to know if anyone has ever done research on it. you see, there is this space in the stomach that can only be filled with chocolate, so the person's appetite is never quite satisfied until chocolate is consumed.

God doesn't say much about chocolate. the only refernce i could find in the bible was Proverbs 25:16 in The Message version, which talks about a person without self-control:
"When you're given a box of candy, don't gulp it all down; eat too much chocolate and you'll make yourself sick"

ahh, the joys of chocolate. sigh, the sorrow of being chocolate-less...

in other news, i'm excited about seeing The Idea Of North on thursday night

Sunday, July 31

yesterday i got a dictaphone (otherwise known as a 'notetaker', but that sounds nerdy, while 'dictaphone' makes me sound tech. yes, we all struggle with vanity in our own ways...). anyway, it's cool. you can record things and make them double time or half time, which is so funny!
over lunch, nic and i watched this terrible show called 'beastmaster'. it was so poor, but fun times to laugh at the hopelessness of the poor acting and appaulling script/story line. and it was funny to record them onto my dictaphone and warp their cheesy cliche voices.
yesterday arvo/evening was hilarious at the breakthrough artz filming. thing is, the stuff that happened when the cameras weren't rolling were twice as funny. just shows that nothing beats the real thing. and wasn't tom great on his harmonica!
last night when i got home, i couldnt sleep (not that i tried too hard), so i watched 'deep impact'. i dont know what i want to say about deep impact. it was quite predictable, but kinda nice how, when faced with certain death, people reunite and love eachother. and the US president (Morgan Freeman) prayed over the people, professing that he believes in God... there were a number of biblical references (eg. noah's ark), and there were lots of 'sacrifice oneself to save others' instances. i guess i liked it. yes, i liked it. and it had elijah wood (aka. frodo) and leelee sobieski (aka. joan of arc), so i was well pleased...

as napoleon dynamite would say, "ok bye!"

Tuesday, July 26

there's something about chris martin's voice... it's so raw and wailing, but there's this wholesome depth to it that flows like caramel topping...
and in "talk", there's this bridge bit that sounds just like the intro to hillsong's "evermore" from the "for all you've done" album (just 3 semitones higher), which also sounds like that hillsong untited song/tag that goes "open up the heavens, let Your glory fall..." i thought that was interesting.

anyway, i have a throat infection again, which sucks coz i cant sing for a while.

ta ta. i'm going downstairs to get some oj and watch rove.

Sunday, July 24

my love for coldplay has been re-ignited... i think i go through phases of coldplay. but i bought their new "x&y" album, and man chris knows exactly how i feel... every song seems so relevant to my circumstances one way or another...
and wasn't the moon big tonight! it was amazing. very yellow and very close. kinda eerie...

Sunday, July 17

whilst researching wine for ernie's "water to wine" bible study, i came across this site. it was talking about christians drinking wine from an islamic point of view. i feel so small and helpless. i really dont know much about islam, and it saddens me to think that so many people live by such strict 'religious' laws, instead of the freedom of faith in Jesus.

Monday, July 11

just wanted to let all riley's fans know that he is ok over in the UK. he wasn't in london at the time of the bus/train bombing incidents. thankyou God!

Thursday, July 7

yesterday's visit to the dentist was funny. i had a cracked tooth, so Dr Geoffrey had to fix it up for me coz i was sick of my catching my tongue on it.
they strapped the happy gas nose thingy on and Geoff pulled out a sheet of song titles and artists, asking if i'd like to listen to something while he played with my teeth. how prestiege! i'd never been given music to listen to at the dentist before. i chose u2 (it just happened to be "joshua tree" - how good!) and the assistant lady chucked on the headphones for me.
by then the happy gas was starting to kick in and i so wanted to dance with bono, but my body was all prickly and tickly. last time i was on happy gas i haluscinated majorly and believed the dentist was evil and trying to invade my body through my mouth, so keeping this previous experience in mind, i continually reminded myself that the dentist is not out to get me...
but then (oh yes!) he brings out this massive needle and shoves it into my tender little gums and injects this numbing juice! no it was all fine. my familiar friend bono was very comforting.
anyway, it was over pretty quick and there wasnt too much drillage, so it was all cool. i was still coming down from the happy gas when geoffrey finished, so i was all smiles, which was embarrassing coz my smile was lopsided from the numbing injection.
i figured it probably wouldnt be terribly safe for me to drive straight away, so i went roaming the streets of manly for cds. noone had jamiroquai's "funk odyssey", which is very disappointing, but i did by a special edition of michael jackson's "off the wall", which i'm listening to right now ("workin' day and night" is so good!)

last night was of course state of origin, so tanya h, jo k, ewan, nicole b and stephen gathered around stephen's tv. queensland supporters seemed to be in severe minority, so jo and i (the only ones that didnt particularly like footy) formed the offensive team. it's more exciting going for the underdog anyway.
nicole set a challenge for jo and i to figure out the names of each of the players, so jo chose queensland and i got nsw. and i won! hooray! good on ya jo, it was fun hey.

oh and it turns out that i missed my mum's b'day - i thought it was today, but of course it was yesterday! stupid stupid lauren!!! how mean of me...

Wednesday, July 6

sitting at my puter still in my fabulous floral pj's searching music store websites.
and i have decided - this is my soon-to-be amp:but i dont know enough about electrics at all. they all sound the same...

Tuesday, June 28

do i believe in coincidence? well i guess i do to a point, coz sometimes things just happen. but sometimes things are just too unbelievably coincidental that they have to be divine set-ups...